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Bio-identical hormones: Personalized care for a balanced life.

Instantly boost energy, beauty, immunity and vitality.

Goodbye, dull skin – It’s time to shine!

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Meet Your Provider

With a background in natural healing, critical care and family practice, Tiffany Frintz offers her patients holistic and compassionate care that addresses all facets of their lives. Tiffany is a family nurse practitioner specializing in hormone optimization, medical weight loss, natural healing and aesthetics. Harmony Healing focuses on listening to each patient’s needs and getting to know them, their history and their goals. Tiffany’s diverse career experience, which also includes several years in education, allows her to offer her patients both the physical and emotional support they need to create healthier lives. Tiffany is also co-owner of Preventive Medicine Centers in Palm Springs, California, founded by her mentor and hormone guru, Dr. Neal Rouzier. Outside of caring for patients, Tiffany has been blessed with three sons and loves being present in each moment with them.

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Dramatic Results with Profractional™ Laser Treatment

If you have been waiting for skin care technology to offer dramatic results with less downtime, ProFractional™ laser may be what you’ve been looking for. The Sciton ProFractional™ laser treatment is a top choice for facial rejuvenation and to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and more. This unique laser therapy improves the overall appearance of skin by treating thousands of pinpoint areas rather than the whole surface. During the procedure, a customized formula of vitamins, medications and other elements is applied to the treatment area where the channels quickly deliver the components into the deeper layers of skin to encourage new cell growth and collagen production. The ProFractional™ laser can be adjusted to fit your individual needs so every woman can achieve beautiful skin.

Let Yourself Glow with BBL™ 

Harmony Healing offers BroadBand Light (BBL™) Therapy to achieve gorgeous, glowing complexions using heat and light energy. Quick pulses of energy reach beneath the skin’s surface to destroy pigment and fade discolorations while stimulating collagen growth for a more youthful firmness. When combined with Forever Young™, your BBL™ treatment becomes even more powerful in unveiling clearer, smoother skin with reduced vascularity and pigment. Looking to get rid of unwanted hair? Combining BBL™ with Forever Bare™ allows for hair removal that is more comfortable, safer and faster than other traditional treatments. Studies suggest that regular long-term usage of BBL™ treatments reverses the cells’ aging processes and helps revert the skin to a genetically youthful state. Look better today and into the future with BBL™!


Going to Harmony Healing was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. My husband was reluctant at first…We have a lot more energy and have been able to loose weight successfully. The hormones are absolutely amazing because they brought back our love life...Thank you to Dr. Frintz and her awesome staff.

A Happy Client

I have kids! I was tired! My patience was thin! That comes with being a Mom right!?...I couldn’t take it anymore! So many times you explain what’s happening and it feels like it goes in one ear and out the other! Not at Harmony Healing!…Thank you Harmony Healing for being there for me and for doing what you do!

Tanisha M.


Halo™: Best of Both Worlds for Beautiful Skin

Dramatic results and less downtime? Sounds like heaven! Harmony Healing offers Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser treatment to eliminate surface imperfections while firming from within for younger looking skin. Halo™ achieves dramatic results in reducing the appearance of sun damage, rosacea, uneven skin tone and texture, enlarged pores, visible signs of aging, scarring and fine lines. It also triggers collagen production in deeper layers for smoother skin and less sagging! Halo™ laser therapy is completely versatile and adjustable to treat a broad spectrum of cosmetic concerns in one session and is safe for a wide range of skin types and tones. Men and women of any age who want to improve the tone and texture of their skin may be good candidates for Halo™.

Sexual Wellness

Ready to regain your sex life without pills, chemicals or surgery? By using your body’s own resources, The O-Shot® harnesses a woman’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate, resulting in a healthier sex life, more orgasms and a fired-up libido. Using similar technology, The P-Shot® achieves the same results for men. Additionally, The P-Shot® can enhance size, staying-power and drive for better sex for men and their partners. Instant results can often be seen by men and women who receive these treatments and since they use the patient’s own blood, there is no chance of an allergic or negative reaction. If you want a more robust sex life, learn more about the benefits of The O-Shot® and The P-Shot®.


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