ProFractional™ laser treatments are a top choice among women and men seeking smoother, more youthful looking skin. These types of treatments are perfect for addressing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage or skin texture issues, such as pitted acne scars, because they tighten and refresh the skin. The ProFractional™ laser works by permanently remodeling the skin’s foundational structure, meaning results are impressive and long-lasting. Unlike full-field resurfacing, which removes the entire surface area of a treatment site, ProFractional™ treatments ablate narrow-diameter channels into the skin, affecting only a fraction of the total treatment area.

In terms of what to expect of the recovery process and downtime after ProFractional™ treatments, it is important to understand that because the laser only directly affects a small fraction of the overall treated area, there are fewer risks of infection, scarring and discoloration than those associated with full-field laser resurfacing treatments. Additionally, there is much less discomfort involved with ProFractional™ treatments and healing time is accelerated to days instead of weeks.

Dramatic Healing Over Several Days

The ProFractional™ laser by Sciton is highly tunable and customizable, meaning that it is capable of deep remodeling in the dermis layer of skin and also capable of lighter treatments for surface-level resurfacing. For dramatic results that can reverse deeper wrinkles and scars, the laser will be tuned to target deep layers of skin. This means that without the appropriate topical anesthetics and pain medications, your treatment would be extremely painful. At Harmony Healing, we go to great lengths to ensure that you are comfortable during ProFractional™ laser treatments, although you may still experience some discomfort during the procedure. 

Since the ProFractional™ laser energy is focused deep within the dermis to achieve significant collagen remodeling and stimulation to correct acne scarring and deep-set wrinkling, minor bleeding is normal. In fact, bleeding means that the laser is reaching the appropriate level of the dermis and that you will achieve dramatic results. Dramatic results are preceded by dramatic healing that will happen over the course of several days following your treatment.

What to Expect Immediately Following Your ProFractional™ Laser Treatment

Immediately after your ProFractional™ laser treatment, your skin will be red and tender to the touch, and it may appear and feel as though it has been rubbed with sandpaper. You may experience some oozing or light bleeding in the first 24 hours after treatment which is why we advise our patients to cover their pillow with a towel for their first night’s sleep. Overall, you should be able to go about your normal activities, excluding exercising or spending time in direct sunlight. Most patients prefer to recover at home for the first one to three days after treatment since treated skin will be red and makeup application will be uncomfortable.

During the first few days following your treatment, you may feel as though your recovery will take weeks; however, ProFractional™ is different from other lasers because of its rapid recovery. Within a week, most redness will have faded away and your renewed, smoother skin will be glowing.

How the ProFractional™ Laser can Brighten and Tighten Your Skin Over Time

Even though most patients are pleased with their results after the first week, ProFractional™ laser treatment results will continue to improve for up to six months. Collagen at the deepest layers of skin will continue to regrow, meaning that over time, your skin will continue brightening and tightening. If your desired results are not achieved after your first treatment, another ProFractional™ treatment after six months may be a worthwhile option. For deep skin resurfacing with a goal of achieving dramatic results, ProFractional™ laser treatments are an ideal choice.

Results from ProFractional™ laser treatments are impressive and long lasting. Schedule your appointment at Harmony Healing to discover more about this cutting-edge treatment for deep-set wrinkles and textured acne scars. We would love to develop a personalized skin-smoothing plan for you and help you optimize your lifestyle in ways that will result in healthier, younger-looking skin.