The Halo™ laser is a leading-edge, dual-wavelength skin resurfacing laser that is capable of delivering highly personalized, dramatic results. It is different from traditional skin resurfacing lasers because it is a hybrid fractional laser, meaning it delivers one wavelength to treat the upper layers of the skin’s surface and another wavelength designed to reach deeper layers of the skin. By combining ablative and non-ablative wavelengths in one treatment, the Halo™ laser is equipped to smooth texture irregularities, shrink pore size, fade dark spots and treat wrinkles in the same treatment session.

The Advantages of Combining Non-Ablative and Ablative Wavelengths

To best understand why the Halo™ laser is so special, it is important to learn the differences between ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths. Ablative lasers work by vaporizing the top layer of the skin, while non-ablative lasers work by heating up the underlying skin tissues without harming the surface to stimulate new collagen growth and renew cell turnover. Each type of laser works to address different types of skin issues. By combining these wavelengths into one treatment, the Halo™ laser is able to achieve superior results.

The Science Behind Halo™ Laser Resurfacing Treatments

The ability to deliver two types of wavelengths to the skin is not the only benefit of Halo™ laser skin resurfacing treatments. Additionally, the Halo™ laser is able to deliver these wavelengths to the same precise microscopic treatment zone, which maximizes results while reducing downtime. Intelligent energy delivery, combined with Dynamic Thermal Optimization, ensures precise, and even safer treatments. This means that the Halo™ laser can be used effectively on small problem areas or an entire surface area. A benefit of being able to target microscopic skin irregularities is decreased downtime, considering that healthy skin remains untouched.

What is the Halo™ Laser Best Suited to Treat?

The Halo™ laser is ideal for treating a variety of skin issues on any skin type including men or women of any age. It is most commonly used for:

  • Treating fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reversing sun damage/dyschromia
  • Resurfacing skin texture irregularities
  • Revising scars, including acne scars
  • Diminishing signs of aging
  • Treating pigmented lesions
  • Shrinking the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Some medical dermatology applications, such as treating actinic keratoses

Additionally, the Halo™ laser can be used on the body. Popular off-face treatments include the neck, chest, arms, hands and legs.

What Will My Halo™ Treatment Experience Be Like?

Your experience receiving a Halo™ treatment will vary depending on how the laser is tuned to achieve your unique goals, but most patients report experiencing minimal to no pain. Thanks to the Halo™’s integrated air cooling technology, cold air is blown across the treatment zone which increases patient comfort. Additionally, Halo™’s Dynamic Thermal Optimization feature automatically adjusts the power of each individual non-ablative pulse based on the temperature of the patient’s skin. These features make Halo™ the most precise, safe, comfortable and consistent non-ablative technology on the market.

Since Halo™ treatments work by resurfacing your skin’s topmost layers and triggering a wound healing response in deeper layers, some results will appear immediately and also improve over time. Within weeks, most patients enjoy a tighter, brighter appearance. Texture issues, scars and deeper wrinkles will show improvement within three to six months. Depending on the depth of your personalized treatment, you may be able to return to work within a day or two after treatment. More aggressive treatments may require more downtime. These types of goals will be discussed at your initial consultation at Harmony Healing, where we will gain a better understanding of your skin and desired outcomes.

Schedule your appointment at Harmony Healing to discover more about how Halo™ laser treatments work to reverse signs of aging, scarring and sun damage. This highly tunable, dual-wavelength laser is capable of achieving dramatic results without the downtime required of traditional lasers.