What to Avoid After Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is an innovative treatment option for men and women experiencing discomfort or unsightly effects of varicose veins. These large, twisted veins that appear blue or dark red underneath the skin can be treated with sclerotherapy which is a non-surgical treatment that encourages blood flow to reroute through healthier veins. This leads the varicose or spider veins to eventually fade. Taking proper care of yourself after sclerotherapy is essential, and here we will outline some important pieces of advice to help you achieve the best possible sclerotherapy results. 

Dos and Don’ts of Sclerotherapy Aftercare 

Keep in mind that sclerotherapy is a safe procedure, but pregnant women are not eligible for the procedure. Additionally, individuals with a history of blood clots may not be eligible for sclerotherapy, and eligibility will be decided on an individual basis depending on health history and overall health of the area requiring treatment. Your provider will also discuss which veins may not be considered for treatment, such as veins that are potentially usable for future heart bypass surgery. 

Anyone undergoing sclerotherapy should adhere to the following recovery guidelines:

  • DO wear compression stockings until bedtime for 14 days (or other timeline developed by your provider) after treatment. It is not necessary to wear compression stockings while sleeping or bathing.
  • DO NOT experience excessive sun exposure to treated areas for at least one month after treatment. This can cause hyperpigmentation.
  • DO postpone any strenuous activities or high-impact workouts for one week after treatment.
  • DO NOT take any hot baths, showers or sit in any hot tubs for one week after treatment.
  • DO apply hot compresses to treated areas after 48 hours have passed after treatment.
  • DO NOT be overly sedentary during your recovery. An important part of your recovery is walking.
  • DO take ibuprofen, Advil or other anti-inflammatory medications as directed by your provider.

What to Expect After Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment, enabling patients to walk around soon after the procedure and even drive themselves home. Walking, in fact, is encouraged, as it promotes blood flow and minimizes the risk of blood clots. You can resume normal daily activities following your procedure, although you will be instructed to wear support hosiery that compresses the treated vessels and encourages appropriate blood flow. 

Some patients report tenderness, discoloration or bruising at the injection site, but recovery is a relatively easy process. These issues typically resolve on their own after a few weeks. Occasionally, when treating larger vessels, a small clot or “knot” may develop. If this happens, call your provider at Harmony Healing. You should also call us immediately if you experience significant pain, redness, swelling, crusting or bleeding.

When to Resume Normal Activities After Sclerotherapy Treatment

Most patients are able to drive themselves home after the procedure. Some patients are able to return to work on the same day, but it is usually recommended that you return to work the following day. You should begin taking routine walks immediately after your procedure to help with blood flow circulation. Most patients begin to notice results in a matter of weeks, especially if treatment mainly targeted smaller varicose veins or spider veins. Once veins have responded to treatment, they will not reappear. While new veins may appear at the same rate as before your treatment, your provider can discuss healthy habits and changes to reduce the development of these veins or discuss additional treatment of veins.

If you are interested in sclerotherapy and want to make sure you achieve the best results possible, schedule your consultation today to learn more about this life-changing procedure.