How to Treat Rosacea

We understand the frustration rosacea can cause on a daily basis. If you are tired of your skin looking flushed and inflamed, we offer rosacea treatments that could be beneficial to you. Rosacea is quite common, and although its causes are complex and not completely understood by scientists, this irritating skin condition can be exacerbated by certain environmental and genetic factors. At Harmony Healing, we understand enough about what triggers rosacea and how it responds to certain therapies to be able to help keep its symptoms at bay through a variety of treatments.

What We Know About Rosacea

No two cases of rosacea are ever the same. It can range from extremely mild, almost undetectable cases to being so severe that it results in the thickening of facial skin. Discovering how to treat rosacea is unique for each patient and begins by determining what factors play a role in triggering your rosacea. By understanding more about what triggers your rosacea, we will be able to develop a personalized treatment plan that may include a combination of lifestyle changes, medications, topical treatments and skin resurfacing treatments conducted in our office.

What Causes Rosacea

Even though scientists have not yet discovered the exact cause of rosacea, we do know what can trigger a rosacea flare-up. At your appointment at Harmony Healing, we will ask detailed questions about your lifestyle and rosacea symptoms to help us best pinpoint what may be causing it to appear. Common rosacea triggers include:

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, sunlight, humidity or wind
  • Applying skin care or makeup products containing fragrances, dyes or other irritating ingredients
  • Certain medications
  • Stress, anxiety, anger or embarrassment
  • Common ailments such as a cold or influenza
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Alcoholic drinks or hot beverages like coffee or tea
  • Certain inflammatory foods

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Best Rosacea Treatments

Sometimes treating rosacea is not as simple as eliminating its triggers from your life. While we will work hard to help identify what may be exacerbating your rosacea and make recommendations on how to avoid those triggers, rosacea often needs further treatment. In some cases, we will prescribe topical or oral antibiotics in combination with other innovative treatments such as laser therapy or hydrafacials. We will also carefully assess your at-home skincare routine and suggest products that are specially designed to calm symptoms of rosacea. Worthwhile treatments that we offer in our office to reduce rosacea include:

BroadBand Light (BBL™)

BBL™ is a quick, painless laser therapy that can be used to target rosacea where it forms to prevent redness from developing. It stimulates new cell growth under the skin, which encourages the skin to repair itself for a more balanced complexion and even tone. Since BBL™ is non-invasive and non-ablative (meaning it does not remove the top layer of skin), it is perfectly suited for the sensitive skin of rosacea patients.

IPL Photofacials

An intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial uses various wavelengths of light to react to specific skin conditions like rosacea. Rosacea is targeted as light and heat energy penetrate affected areas of the skin to promote new cell growth and collagen beneath the skin’s surface without harming the top layer. The damaged cells that cause rosacea are destroyed while new collagen growth helps to rebuild healthy skin.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Rosacea can respond well to the rich, calming nutrients of your own blood via PRP therapy. Harmony Healing is certified in Vampire Facials, a type of PRP therapy that works by drawing your own blood and then separating the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components. Your skin is then prepared with a specialized microneedling handpiece that creates micro-perforations in the skin. Your PRP is then painted onto your skin, allowing these micro-perforations to be filled with growth factors. These growth factors activate the skin’s multipotent stem cells, causing them to react as though new tissue is needed to heal an injury. This new tissue growth can help alleviate symptoms of rosacea.

Your Path to Clearer, Calmer Skin

Eliminating symptoms of rosacea is not impossible. Together, we can plan your path to clearer, calmer skin. Identifying your unique rosacea triggers and determining the best way to avoid and treat them may take time, but the outcome will be worthwhile. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve the healthiest-looking skin of your life.

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