Primary Care: The First Step Toward Better Health

Primary care is the foundation for a lifetime of overall health and wellbeing. The services at Harmony Healing cover a range of prevention, wellness and treatment for common illnesses. We maintain familiar, long-term relationships with our patients to monitor a range of health issues and coordinate a patient’s care with the necessary specialists.

Our core focus is that our patients’ concerns are being heard and taken seriously. Your trust is paramount to our ability to offer the best care, whatever your issues.

Primary Care Services

Primary care focuses on the whole health of the individual rather than on the illness of a specific organ, system or disease. By working toward general wellbeing, the primary care team takes into account medical history, lifestyle and health goals to help patients achieve ongoing health and to detect issues as early as possible. An ongoing relationship with a primary care provider affords you consistency and efficiency for better long-term health.

The Benefits of Familiarity

Your primary care team knows you, your lifestyle and your medical history. This knowledge and familiarity mean that you can receive efficient and timely care without repeatedly explaining your medical history, personal caveats and who you are.

Our provider’s goal is to deliver the care that is right for you — not employ a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailored healthcare is easier when you have a meaningful relationship with your provider.

Primary Prevention and Condition Management

We will screen for all major health-related conditions. If you already have a chronic condition, your primary care provider helps manage it, refers you to specialists and improves your quality of life.

Caring for You as a Team

Our providers are part of an expert team that can meet your exact needs. The collaboration of different viewpoints provides you with well-rounded health care.

Take Control of your well-being

When to use Primary Care

Primary care is your first line of defense for better health, but when should you make a primary care appointment versus going to an urgent care center or even an emergency department?

Emergency Care

Emergency care is for life-or-death situations such as heart attack, stroke or severe allergic reactions. Emergency care is also for severe injuries such as broken bones and potential concussions.

Urgent Care

If you feel like what you are experiencing needs immediate attention but is not life-threatening, you will get the care you need at an urgent care center. Urgent care is the place for colds and coughs, ear infections, minor burns and cuts, rashes and other minor ailments.

Primary Care

Primary care is for health maintenance needs and issues such as routine screenings and care for common illnesses and immunizations. Whenever possible, primary care should be the first choice.

Make Harmony Healing Your Primary Care Provider

Our mission at Harmony Healing is to provide high-quality, individualized and compassionate care to our patients, their families and friends.

We serve patients through our God-given unique gifts and talents to help patients prevent or reduce illness and disease throughout their lifetime. We focus on maintaining your best health through attainable personal goals and lifestyle changes. Care can include individualized dosing of bioidentical hormones, micro-biome optimization and micro-nutrient therapies. The continuity of care you receive at Harmony Healing means you get a lifetime of health.

If you are looking for a primary care provider, schedule a consultation with Harmony Healing and let us show you the customized care we offer each of our respected and valued patients.