Beautiful, Breathable Skin With Oxygenetix

We all want our foundation to give us the appearance of flawless skin. The Oxygenetix line goes a step further to make flawless skin your everyday reality with long-lasting, chemical-free formulas that breathe.

Created to cut Downtime

Founded in 2009, Oxygenetix was developed as a solution for patients who wanted to cut their downtime following cosmetic procedures. Their Oxygenated Foundation line was originally used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other aesthetic professionals.

Its oxygen-enriched, protective formulas are proven to minimize scarring, discomfort and downtime following procedures.

24-Hour Makeup

Beyond creating healthier skin, professional makeup artists discovered Oxygenetix’s Oxygenated Foundation could last for 24 hours, even when shooting under harsh studio lights. Oxygenated Foundation soon earned the reputation of being Hollywood’s best-kept foundation secret.

Clients who use Oxygenetix following procedures often get hooked on its soothing formulas, range of shades, SPF protection and thorough, lasting coverage. After they have healed, they continue using Oxygenetix foundation daily.

Harmony Healing clients can use Oxygenetix products and enjoy the same flawless, breathable skin benefits following treatment and every day thereafter!

Greater Healing After Treatment

If you have been worried about getting a skin treatment because of the downtime, Oxygentix can help. Oxygenetix soothes the skin and allows you to use makeup after procedures so you will not have any social downtime.

For over ten years, Oxygenetix has been tested extensively by physicians and their patients.

Oxygenetix Ceravitae™ formulas can:

  • Continually introduce oxygen to the skin
  • Speed skin cell production of collagen and elastin
  • Clear up skin conditions
  • Help heal wounds
  • Leave skin looking and feeling fresh

Oxygenetix is proven to work well after:

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Protection, Safety and Assurance

Oxygenetix products are allergy, bacteria and non-comedogenic tested. They are safe for every skin type

The primary ingredient in Oxygenetix products is patented Ceravitae®. The formula botanically mimics the body’s more than 400,000 Saccharomyces Lysate cells, which take in oxygen via osmosis, producing collagen and elastin. Oxygentix’s aerobic effect helps these cells work harder. The increased activity allows for an improved flow of oxygen to the skin.

Products are also formulated with an aloe vera base rather than oil or water. Aloe vera is antibacterial and antimicrobial, cleansing skin throughout the day. Aloe vera is also a proven anti-inflammatory, soothing your skin. Oxygenetix products contain no parabens or fragrances and are gentle enough for even those with the most sensitive skin.

Oxygenetix also protects the skin from sun damage with SPF 30 UVA & UVB protection. Foundations are formulated with titanium dioxide to give this protection. Titanium dioxide works better for HD photography and video. Zinc oxide, another popular sun protection ingredient, tends to cast a chalky white appearance when photographed or filmed.

Products are never tested on animals and are certified cruelty-Free and vegan by the Peta organization.

Confidence in Your Beautiful Skin

Foundations are available in 14 shades, formulated to blend perfectly and enhance natural skin tones. Oxygenetix foundations are 85 percent breathable, compared to an average of 7 percent for other foundations. They are also water-resistant for up to 90 minutes.

Oxygenetix is easy to apply and stays in place throughout the day. You will not have to reapply.

The application is simple. First, moisturize skin. Then, apply Oxygenetix foundation using a dabbing motion and blend out evenly with your choice of finger, brush or sponge. Start with just a small drop and let it set for 60 seconds. If you need more coverage, you can add more product.

Whether you are considering a skin treatment or procedure, or you just want your best skin ever, Oxygenetix may be the right skincare for you.

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