Refresh Your Appearance with MicroLaserPeel®

Harmony Healing is pleased to offer MicroLaserPeel®, an innovative laser technology developed by Sciton, which works to help men and women rejuvenate their skin and develop a more youthful appearance. This brief procedure is ideally suited for patients who are bothered by signs of aging such as mild wrinkles, scarring or sun damage and want a treatment that offers noticeable results with customizable downtime.

How MicroLaserPeel® Works

The MicroLaserPeel® laser works by vaporizing the uppermost layer of skin (the epidermis) to allow new, healthier cells to rise to the surface. Since the epidermis is where most skin texture irregularities or discolorations tend to appear, the MicroLaserPeel® is able to evaporate that layer of skin due to its high moisture content and thereby remove the damaged cells within it. The result of this light resurfacing is luminous, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Am I a Candidate for MicroLaserPeel®?

Men and women of any age and skin type can benefit from MicroLaserPeel® treatments. This technology can address a variety of skin issues, such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration and scars. The MicroLaserPeel® can be directed to almost any area of the body and can be used with tremendous precision, meaning that patients with specific areas of concern can only have those areas treated. Downtime is completely customizable based on your unique needs and goals, making MicroLaserPeel® a popular choice among busy patients.

Combining MicroLaserPeel® with Other Treatments for Enhanced Results

MicroLaserPeel® is an excellent adjunct to other skin resurfacing treatments for enhanced results due to its unique ability to vaporize the epidermis. When this technology is combined with other methods of skin rejuvenation, such as an ablative laser or phototherapy, results will be enhanced. For example, patients desiring the dramatic results that can only be achieved through deep skin rejuvenation should consider combining ProFractional™ laser treatments with MicroLaserPeel® treatments. This particular combination packs a powerful punch by the ProFractional™ ablative laser creating deep microchannels in the skin to promote new cell growth at deep levels while the MicroLaserPeel® removes and treats the topmost layer of skin.

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MicroLaserPeel® Recovery and Side Effects

Keep in mind that the MicroLaserPeel® is an extremely tunable laser that allows your provider at Harmony Healing complete control over how aggressive your treatment is. If you need to return to work after your treatment, you absolutely can. Alternatively, if you have a few days to rest at home, your provider can tune the laser to provide more dramatic results. At a minimum, most patients will experience minor skin redness following the procedure.

Other common side effects of MicroLaserPeel® in addition to skin redness are soreness and mild swelling, similar to the effects of a moderate sunburn. These symptoms typically subside within three to four days when most patients are able to return to their normal activities. It is extremely important to follow the skincare regimen recommended by your provider at Harmony Healing in order to maintain your results. You should also diligently wear a physical sunscreen on your treated areas as your skin will be hypersensitive to sunlight. In many cases, patients are able to wear makeup the day following their MicroLaserPeel® treatment.

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