Medical Weight Loss

More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. For some of us, it is a constant life struggle. Harmony Healing completely understands the struggle and is thoroughly committed to helping you win this battle for good. One pound at a time, our program will renew your mind body and spirit. You will love the way you feel. We will help you with an exercise program and educate you on the entire weight loss process. You'll experience more energy during the day and enjoy better sleep during the night. We will partner with you to minimize your health risks and achieve your weight loss goals.

The Program

Our program is a non-surgical weight loss program. You will lose the excess weight and keep it off with our healthy methods and diet guidelines. We offer a variety of ways that allow you to lose weight safely. Our program services include:

  • Customized weight loss plan
  • Nutrition planning
  • Lipotropic, B12 and HCG injections if needed
  • Hormone replacement if needed
  • Trained medical supervision
  • Gradual transition phase to avoid regaining the lost weight


To help you lose weight, increase your energy and improve your moods, we take a 4-step approach:


1. Consultation

We will spend time with you so that we can understand your goals and how you have attempted to reach those goals in the past. We will ask you key questions so that we can identify potential imbalances in your body that are hindering your metabolism and we will measure your metabolism to determine its current state.


2. In-Depth Testing

After your consultation, our team will determine what further testing you will need so that we can identify what the cause of your weight struggle is. These tests may include in-depth blood work, ECG, fat mass percentage, and metabolic rate testing.


3. Identify and Correct Imbalances in Metabolism

You will meet with us to evaluate your test results. Any imbalances in your body that have been preventing your metabolism for working at its best level are identified. Because keeping weight off is impossible without correcting the imbalances in our bodies, a customized treatment plan to correct and optimize your metabolism is created for you. A combination of nutrition, vitamins, probiotics and, in some cases, medication is used to create your plan.


4. Customized Nutrition Plan Based on your Unique Metabolism

We will give you a customized nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle and allow you to optimize your metabolism. You will eat fresh food that you can easily purchase at the grocery store, and we will support you one-on-one to keep you motivated and successful. You will feel full and have lots of energy. You will take the weight off and keep it off.


5. Micronutrient Program

Your gastrointestinal system is home to over 100 trillion bacteria. This is called your microbiome. The delicate balance of your gut determines how you think, look and function. Your weight is affected by your microbiome. We will educate and guide you to having the healthiest microbiome possible – avoiding processed foods, eating live food and eating fermented foods are all ways that you can have healthy bacteria in your guts. Once your gut is healthy, your body will process food and waste much more efficiently.

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