IV Therapy: A Boost to be Your Best

We all try to exercise, eat right and take care of our skin so we can feel our best. But there are still times when we get tired, run-down or need a little boost to keep us living our best lives.

IV therapy is a trusted and effective treatment that can quickly turn exhaustion into energy!

Your body and mind empower your life and success. Make sure they have what they need to be at their best!

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, is a way to deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This direct delivery allows the nutrients to be more readily absorbed and used by cells throughout the body.

The therapy is administered using the same safe, effective intravenous therapy tools and methods used by hospitals.

All of us can use a jumpstart every now and then! At Harmony Healing, we create a customized IV therapy that will help you feel more vibrant and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Why do you Need Extra Vitamins?

Even a well-balanced diet can fall short in some areas. Age, metabolism, digestive issues, food interactions and our overall health can affect the way our body absorbs nutrients from the foods we eat. In some cases, these factors result in a vitamin deficiency.

When your body does not have the vitamins and minerals it needs, it can lead to fatigue and brain “fogginess.” People experiencing nutrition-related fatigue typically have low levels of iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

IV therapy can include components such as vitamin C, B vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, magnesium and calcium. Higher levels of these important nutrients in the bloodstream make it easier for them to be accessed and used by cells.

Harmony Healing can design a customized IV for your needs. We also work with you to develop healthier habits from nutrition to sleep habits to stress management. Staying healthier is the best way to keep your energy up, and your mind focused!

What Happens During IV Therapy?

We insert a small, sterile needle into a vein. A tube connects the needle to the specialized solution, carrying the vitamins and minerals into the body.

As soon as IV therapy begins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are circulated through your bloodstream and delivered to cells. You may feel an instant improvement in your energy levels.

If you have concerns before or during your IV therapy, our team is here to offer support.

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What Health Issues can IV Therapy Address?

Customized IV therapy can help improve fatigue, reduce dehydration or treat hangovers. Harmony Healing wants you to look great and feel your most confident, every day! If you have been burning the candle at both ends or if your health routine has fallen off track, IV therapy can help.

IV Therapy may improve:

  • Healing ability
  • Recovery or preparation for an athletic event
  • Low energy
  • Cold and flu prevention and recovery
  • Dehydration
  • Hangover symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic migraines
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sinus and respiratory tract infections

There are no set expectations for IV therapy. Many people find it effective in treating their health issues, while others see minimal or no results. During your consultation, we will assess your overall health and determine how IV therapy may benefit you.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

People with certain health conditions can react negatively to some infusions. We will discuss your complete medical history when you have your IV therapy consultation.

There is a small risk of infection with IV vitamin therapy – similar to the risk with any other IV or injection. Other risks can include blood clots, air embolisms, vein irritation and inflammation. If the infusion drips too quickly, it can affect electrolyte balances and damage the kidneys, brain, and heart.

At Harmony Healing, your IV therapy will be carefully monitored and adjusted to deliver optimal results with the lowest risk.

How Long do the Results Last?

Most patients report an instant boost in energy and clarity. Increased hydration can improve the plumpness and resilience of skin, as well as helping to relieve headaches. Those who use IV therapy for hangovers report relief of fatigue, headaches and nausea. How long the boost lasts varies from person to person.

Current research regarding vitamin therapy is limited, but anecdotally patients around the world report positive results.

If you have been feeling tired, out of balance or just a little “off,”
IV therapy may be just the push you need to get back on track. Contact the team at Harmony Healing to request your consultation!