Can HALO™ and BBL™ Be Used Together?

There are many aspects of aging that affect men and women differently, but one element we all experience similarly is aging skin. Whether this appears as fine lines, dark spots or laxity, it can cause us to look older than we feel. For men and women looking to rejuvenate their skin, laser skin treatments can offer effective results with minimal downtime.

At Harmony Healing, we offer a variety of laser skin treatments that can help tighten and tone skin, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and aid in unwanted hair removal. Through our consultation process, we work with each patient to understand personal goals for the treatment so that we can recommend the best treatment, or combination of treatments, to meet those goals. Many patients are curious about the combined benefits of photorejuvenation through HALO™ and BBL™ (broadband light) treatments. These two treatments can be used alone to address a variety of skin issues, but when combined, they can more aggressively address discoloration, skin tone variances, texture irregularities and other areas of concern to a greater degree than when used alone.

Understanding Laser Skin Treatments

The technology behind laser skin resurfacing has made significant advancements in the past few years. Today, there are multiple types of lasers which are able to address a variety of skin conditions and help patients reach their skin care goals. Laser treatments work by utilizing specific wavelengths of light energy to penetrate the skin’s surface in order to:

About HALO™

HALO™ is a hybrid fractional laser, meaning it utilizes both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. Through the application of a dual-wavelength approach, HALO™ is a good choice for a wide range of skin issues and most patients see results in one to two sessions. HALO™ is also a versatile treatment option that provides results with customizable downtime and this adjustability means it is safe for a variety of skin types. HALO™ works to stimulate your body’s natural healing functions by encouraging collagen and elastin production below the skin’s surface. As collagen production and elastin increase, these proteins help improve tone and texture of the skin.

About BBL™

BroadBand Light (BBL)™ treatments use high intensity pulsed light to stimulate collagen and other protein production in addition to improving overall texture of skin. BBL’s powerful and precise light energy is applicable on all areas of the body and can target precise treatment areas. BBL is also useful in reducing the appearance of dark spots by focusing bursts of light energy just below the skin’s surface, thereby pushing pigmented or damaged layers to the surface of the skin where they can then peel or flake away, revealing a more even skin tone underneath.

Benefits of Combining HALO™ and BBL™

Both HALO™ and BBL™ treatments are minimally invasive procedures that produce results with customizable downtime. For patients seeking enhanced results, these treatments can be performed in tandem on the same day in order to better address texture, fine line or discoloration concerns. When combining these laser treatments, it is common for BBL™ to be performed first. This quick and safe procedure generally takes thirty minutes or less per session, depending on the size and location of the treatment area, and works to target texture and pigmentation concerns and bring any discoloration to the surface of the skin. HALO™’s hybrid fractional laser technology can be applied right after to provide additional exfoliative results and further address any texture concerns, such as fine lines or textural irregularities.

The combined treatments build off of each other to produce results including smoother skin tone and texture and an overall more youthful appearance with the same downtime that would be expected from a single HALO™ session alone. Most patients can expect slight swelling or redness, similar to a minor sunburn, during the first few days after treatment.

Each treatment at Harmony Healing is personalized based on individual patient needs and goals. During your one-on-one consultation, further benefits of combining HALO™ and BBL™ treatments will be explained. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn about how you can achieve smoother, healthier skin faster than ever.