Renewed Confidence and Freedom: diVaTyte™ Laser Therapy

When we talk about women’s health issues, the discussion often focuses on the vagina. But the vagina isn’t going it alone when it comes to your health and sexual intimacy. You may not think about your labial health until something goes wrong or until you go through life-changing experiences such as pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. But women experience changes in the appearance and functionality of their labial skin throughout their lives.

A New, Minimally-Invasive Option

In some cases, these changes mean your labial skin has lost its youthfulness or you may experience pain and irritation during intercourse or from everyday friction. Labial skin issues can negatively impact self-confidence, affect intimate relationships, and interfere with everyday activities and exercise. Healthy labial skin is important to your overall sense of well-being.

Women seeking labia and vulva rejuvenation now have the option of diVaTyte™ laser therapy, a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment that can improve labial appearance and addresses intimate concerns such as laxity, loss of sensation and loose skin.

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What is diVaTyte ™?

The diVaTyte™ by Sciton is a laser vaginal therapy system that improves the appearance, tone and firmness of labial skin, giving women a renewed sense of confidence and alleviating symptoms such as pain, itching or burning. The proven treatment is safe, gentle and non-invasive, yet still yields dramatic results.

Who is a good candidate for diVaTyte™?

Women have many reasons for seeking labial and vulvar rejuvenation.

Pregnancy and vaginal childbirth stretch the muscles and skin of the vagina and vulva, which can mean laxity and looseness of labial skin surrounding the vaginal opening. Hormonal changes during pregnancy (or puberty) can enlarge and darken labial skin. Recovery after childbirth happens over time, but some tissues may not ever fully regain pre-pregnancy firmness and appearance.

A drop in estrogen production during menopause causes a loss of collagen in the deeper layers of a woman’s skin, including the labia. Without these supporting structures, labial skin can appear droopy or sagging.

Many women seek labial rejuvenation because their loose or elongated labial skin is causing painful intercourse or pain from pinching and friction during exercise and everyday activities.

diVaTyte™ laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive option for women who are:

  • Thinking about surgical solutions such as labiaplasty
  • Concerned about an undesirable appearance of labia after childbirth, menopause or puberty
  • Experiencing pain or irritation caused by sagging, loose labial skin

You deserve to be in control of your body, appearance and sexuality. If you have been considering surgical treatment to improve the appearance and function of vulvar or labial skin, contact us to learn more about what diVaTyte™ can do for you.