IPL Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Woman getting IPL treatment on her face

Skin that has experienced damage from overexposure to sunlight can develop wrinkles, spots or texture irregularities. Since sun damage can manifest in the form of so many different skin issues, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are ideal because they can address every type of sun damage. If you thought the only way to treat your sun damaged skin was with invasive lasers or plastic surgery, think again.

What is IPL and How Does it Work?

IPL is a tried-and-true skin perfecting treatment that works by heating collagen deep within the skin. This triggers new collagen production, creating smoother skin above. The light energy from IPL also constricts blood vessels, which can help reduce redness at the skin’s surface. When IPL is used to target darker skin cells (such as freckles or hyperpigmentation), the melanin causing the darkness is broken down. The tiny particles of pigment will then either flake away over the following week or are swept away by the lymphatic system. For these reasons, IPL is a smart choice for men or women who are experiencing a variety of skin problems from sun damage. 

Best Time of Year for Treating Sun Damage

Any time of year is a great time to invest in the health of your skin. Since IPL treatments can make the skin sensitive to sunlight as the skin heals, some patients choose to undergo such treatments during winter months. However, as long as you remain committed to wearing a high-quality sunscreen, wearing sun-protective clothing—or both—it is perfectly safe to undergo IPL treatments in spring and summer. 

What to Expect from IPL Treatments for Sun Damage

Depending on the extent of your sun damage, a series of IPL treatments will likely be recommended. Understand that any dark spots being treated by IPL will darken for three to seven days until they finally develop a crust and flake away. This crusting effect may last for up to 10 days. Once these dark spots flake away, they will not return unless your skin incurs further sun damage. This is why it is essential to protect your results by always wearing a high-quality sunscreen after receiving IPL treatments for sun damage.

IPL Treatments Offered by Harmony Healing

At Harmony Healing, we are strong believers in the power of IPL therapy for treating sun damaged skin. This is why we have invested in several different IPL delivery platforms to offer our patients an effective combination of treatments to help results appear faster. Depending on the extent of your sun damage, we may recommend a combination of the following types of IPL therapy:

BroadBand Light™ (BBL)

BBL™ is an advanced form of IPL technology that treats only pigment, rather than the surrounding healthy skin, allowing patients to experience a fast, effective treatment with minimal downtime. It uses a range of light wavelengths to focus energy on damaged skin cells while stimulating the growth of new collagen. For patients with more advanced forms of sun damage, BBL™ is an excellent choice.  

Forever Young™

Forever Young™ is an innovative technology that uniquely delivers light therapy targeting the signs of aging and sun damage and effectively provides a more refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. It removes age spots, freckles, redness, broken capillaries and more. All areas of the body can be treated, leading to skin that will look clearer and smoother with reduced vascularity and redness. 

Forever Bare™

IPL can even be used for hair removal. Forever Bare™ works by heating hair follicles while keeping skin cool and comfortable. By directing light energy in multiple bursts, instead of all at once like traditional laser hair removal devices, Forever Bare™ keeps the skin protected while progressively raising the temperature of the hair follicle to a therapeutic level. The result is hair removal that is more comfortable, safer, and faster than other traditional treatments.

IPL Photofacials

An IPL™ photofacial is an extremely useful treatment that can be used to address a wide variety of issues. Discoloration, uneven skin texture, and fine lines can all be dramatically improved by this full-face treatment. In addition, photofacials can help tighten skin and improve facial contouring. This treatment, as the name suggests, is focused on targeting problem areas on the face.

IPL Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation harnesses the power of light therapy to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This type of skin-enhancing therapy can be used all over the face to help achieve a smoother, more supple appearance or it can target specific areas of damage such as sunspots or broken vessels anywhere on the body. Photorejuvenation is a popular treatment for sunspots appearing on the neck, chest, shoulders, hands, or other areas of the body besides the face. 

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