Aesthetic Treatments:
The Right Blend for Your Best Skin Ever

One facial treatment can leave you feeling pampered and beautiful, but the right combination of treatments builds a foundation of success, creating the glowing skin of your dreams.

At Harmony Healing, our philosophy is that every woman deserves a fully customized aesthetic treatment experience. We don’t just get you gorgeous for a day; our goal is a long-lasting impact on the overall health and radiance of your skin.

Acne Treatments

Our light-based laser treatments for acne offer relatively fast and excellent results without any serious side effects or downtime. The intense pulsed light (IPL) penetrates scarred areas of skin. IPL’s specific wavelengths destroy pigmented cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Destroying pigmented cells improves the appearance of brown and red markings and the results appear immediately after treatment.

BroadBand Light Therapy (BBL™)

BBL™ destroys pigment in cells with bursts of energy. The treatment helps fade discolorations and stimulates collagen growth for a more plump, youthful firmness. BBL™ also decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and is an FDA-cleared treatment for repairing sun-damaged skin on just about any part of the body.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels range from light refreshers that treat only the top layers of skin to more serious, deep treatments that can eliminate scarring, wrinkles and discoloration. Customized chemical peels create dramatic results and can combine with non-invasive treatments for maximum effect.

Intense Pulse Light™

Intense Pulse Light™ therapy treats uneven tone, wrinkles, redness and other signs of aging. IPL™ therapy penetrates the skin with intense pulses of light. This light energy causes changes in the deeper layers of skin. Improvements appear gradually in the weeks following treatment, giving you a naturally refreshed look.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction destroys hair follicles below the skin’s surface for long-lasting results. Heat and light energy target the melanin pigment in the hairs, heating the darker particles and damaging the follicle, which inhibits new hair growth.

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Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin, sweeping away dead skin cells and triggering collagen production. Microdermabrasion rejuvenates skin without chemicals, ablation or invasive procedures.

Photofacial IPL™

Photofacials trigger the production of collagen below the skin’s surface for smoother, more evenly toned skin. Photofacials improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, large pores, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, active acne, warts, scars, angiomas and fine wrinkles.

IPL™ Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation uses IPL™ to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Photorejuvenation effectively treats sun damage, brown spots, freckles, broken capillaries and redness caused by rosacea. The treatment also stimulates new cell growth below the surface to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores.


Cosmetic injectables include a variety of fillers as well as Dysport and BOTOX®. Their highly customizable application gives natural results for each patient with minimal discomfort and downtime. Dysport and BOTOX® get to the root of wrinkles by relaxing muscles that cause creases and lines at the skin’s surface. Fillers can improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars and imperfections. Fillers also restore volume to cheeks and lips for a more youthful look. Injectables are minimally invasive and highly compatible with other facial treatments for an optimized effect.


Halo™ customized treatments use two wavelengths to treat both the skin’s surface and to firm the skin’s deeper layers. Surface imperfections disappear while new collagen structures firm skin for a smoother appearance and less sagging. Halo™ dramatically reduces the appearance of sun damage, rosacea, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, scarring, fine lines and other visible signs of aging.


The Sciton ProFractional™ laser treatment improves the appearance of stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and more. ProFractional™ treats thousands of pinpoint areas with tiny channels to encourage new cell growth and collagen production. The channels deliver a customized formula of vitamins, medications and other elements into the deeper layers of skin. ProFractional™ offers dramatic results with less downtime than laser therapies that ablate 100 percent of the skin’s surface.


Versatile skinTyte™ treats a wide range of skin issues on the face, neck, arms and abdomen. skinTyte™ improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, rosacea, flushed skin and erythema, acne scarring and age spots. Non-invasive skinTyte™ creates firmer, smoother, more evenly toned and younger-looking skin with little to no downtime. SkinTyte™ works below the skin’s surface, so it pairs well with other treatments such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion.

Find Harmony in Your Skin

See the difference a customized aesthetic treatment plan can make. More than a facial, Harmony Healing wants you to have your best possible skin today, and into the future.


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