We are Harmony Healing

Our mission is to provide high quality individualized compassionate care to our patients, their families and friends. We believe in serving others through our God-given unique gifts and talents. Our goal is to help patients prevent or reduce the extent they may experience illness and disease in their lifetime. We focus on attaining personal goals and overall health and wellness via lifestyle changes, individualized dosing of bio-identical hormones, micro-biome optimization and micro-nutrient therapies.


Meet Tiffany Frintz, FNP-C

Tiffany Frintz is a family nurse practitioner specializing in hormone optimization, medical weight loss, natural healing and aesthetics. Tiffany has a diverse background with over 13 years experience in critical care, education, and family practice. She co-owns Preventive Medicine Centers in Palm Springs, California, which was founded by her mentor and hormone guru, Dr. Neal Rouzier. Tiffany has been blessed with 3 sons and loves being present in each moment with them.

The Harmony Team


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